Cowboys receiver Kevin Ogletree slips on replacement ref’s hat in the end zone

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Just when you thought things couldn't get any goofier with the NFL's replacement officials, we now have this.

With 3:08 left in the first half of the Dallas Cowboys-Tampa Bay Buccaneers game, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo rolled right and threw wide left to receiver Kevin Ogletree from the Tampa Bay 13-yard line.

Apparently, Ogletree had gone out of bounds at some point during his route, and it's traditional for an official to throw his hat on the field if a receiver goes out of bounds and then comes back in, thus rendering himself ineligible.

What we do not normally see is a player slipping on the hat, as the official throws the hat at the player's foot. But that's what you can see right here:

We knew it was possible that the replacement refs' misadministraton of games could lead to injury, but we did not expect the officials to potentially cause those injuries. Fortunately, Ogletree was not hurt.

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We also have no word whether this particular official has any rooting interest in the Buccaneers, perhaps noted on his Facebook page.

The Cowboys beat the Bucs, 16-10, which means that the replacement refs dodged yet another bullet, and we're quite sure the league is preparing yet another ridiculous statement about how these officials are doing such a wonderful job under difficult circumstances.

"The thing that is insulting is that every single week now, we're hearing from someone in the league, Jerry Jones, whoever, that it is OK," ESPN's Tom Jackson said on Sunday morning regarding the NFL's seemingly blase response to complaints about the current level of officiating. "That's the part, eventually, that's going to get to the public."

Were Jerry Jones polled at that point, we suspect that he might have had a different response.

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