Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee is playing with a clubbed cast

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

In case you needed a reminder that football players are much tougher than you and I, here's a photo of Dallas Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee and the clubbed cast he played with on Sunday. And to think, I was pretty proud of myself for showing up to work (my couch) Sunday with a sore throat and mild case of the sniffles.

Lee dislocated his wrist while tackling Michael Vick in the Cowboys' Week 8 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. For the first few days after the injury, Lee couldn't be fitted with a cast because his wrist was so swollen. He wasn't on the field Nov. 6 in the Cowboys win over the Seattle Seahawks, but he played Nov. 13 in a victory over Buffalo and was playing again Sunday with the cast.

Do the refs check those casts like officials do before boxing matches? What's to stop Lee from loading a roll of quarters into the end of it to get a little extra mustard on his hits. Besides not playing for the Detroit Lions, of course.

One last point: Advances in medical technology are a miracle of modern times. Evidently, though, science has yet to make a cast that does not pick up grass stains while tackling Washington Redskins' ball carriers.

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