As if costing his team a game wasn’t enough, Lavonte David fined $7,875 for late hit on Geno Smith

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Lavonte David, one would assume, has already had a tough week.

Last Sunday the Buccaneers linebacker was flagged for a late hit as quarterback Geno Smith was going out of bounds, a penalty that gave the Jets 15 yards and set up a last-second game-winning 48-yard field goal. New York won 18-17. There's little chance, unless David unplugged from the outside world, never watched game film and didn't go anywhere around Tampa, that he wasn't reminded of that play repeatedly already this week.

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And just in case David was starting to forget his gaffe, he found a FedEx envelope in his locker this week, informing him that he had been fined $7,875 for that hit on Smith.

There's insult to injury, but that's not enough to describe what it's like to take $7,875 for a guy after the worst moment of his professional life. broke the news of the fine for David and confirmed it, though there was no word if the NFL stole his dog or took the air out of his car tires while the fine was delivered.

David will move on from his bad play (and no one play determines a football game; the Buccaneers had many chances to put the Jets away before the final minute). He is a good young linebacker and has a heck of a career ahead of him.

Hopefully once he sends that $7,875 check, he won't worry about it anymore. That won't be easy.

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