On the Corner Podcast, No. 5: Anyone wanna win the NFC East?

Shutdown Corner

If you only download one podcast today, it should be Doug's Week 6 preview podcast with Greg Cosell. But if you're going to download two, you should maybe consider this week's On The Corner with myself and Danks.

The subject this week is the NFC East, and our guest is longtime Philadelphia sports blogger Enrico Campitelli of The700Level.com. We ask Enrico about what's troubling the Eagles, if their defensive problems are about Juan Castillo or the on-field personnel, whether or not Michael Vick is living up to his big new contract, and if the Eagles can still make the playoffs.

And Danks and I talk about the rest of the NFC East. Danks likes Rex Grossman and the Redskins to outlast the division, and I like the Cowboys to rebound. Danks yells at Jason Garrett, and I talk about why I have faith in Tony Romo.

We also say goodbye to Al Davis, and as always, we have the picks segment. Here are the games up for discussion this week:

Philadelphia Eagles (-3) @ Washington Redskins
San Francisco 49ers (+4½) @ Detroit Lions
Houston Texans (+7½) @ Baltimore Ravens
Dallas Cowboys (+7) @ New England Patriots
Miami Dolphins (+7½) @ New York Jets

If you've got suggestions for future podcasts, be they format suggestions, things you'd like us to discuss, things you'd like us to stop discussing, or questions you'd like answered -- football-related or not -- find me on Twitter @themightymjd or drop me an email.

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On The Corner - 10.13.11

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