On the Corner Podcast, no. 4: Fitzmagic and a leaky Patriots D

Shutdown Corner

We wanted to go deeper into the Buffalo Bills this week, so we got a little help from Patrick Moran of Buffalo Sports Daily. We ask Patrick to name Buffalo's MVP: Fred Jackson or Ryan Fitzpatrick. We also talk about whether or not the Bills can keep winning while giving up the yardage they're giving up, if Ryan Fitzpatrick is the quarterback of today and tomorrow, and how on earth Chan Gailey, of all people, became the architect of a franchise resurrection.

From there, we go into a discussion about the rest of the AFC East, specifically the New England Patriots and their league-worst defense. Is it really the league's worst? If so, does it even matter? And what of the Jets? Are they perhaps not as good as advertised?

We also touch on the Titans impressive start, whether or not the Texans are the second-best team in the AFC, and why I'm not at all opposed to Indianapolis playing on Monday night.

These are the games we pick this week, with an update from last week:

Detroit Lions (pick) @ Dallas Cowboys
Pittsburgh Steelers +3.5 @ Houston Texans
Minnesota Vikings -3 @ Kansas City Chiefs
New York Jets +3.5 @ Baltimore Ravens
Indianapolis Colts +10 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Standings: Danks 8-7; MJD, a shameful 5-10.

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On The Corner - 09.28.2011

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