On the Corner Podcast, no. 3: Newton, Romo and injury fakers

Shutdown Corner

In our exploration of Cam Newton's incredible first two weeks, we're joined this week by James Dator of Carolina Panthers blog Cat Scratch Reader. James helps us figure out how Newton's thrown for 800 yards in two weeks, the most impressive things about him, and what's likely to happen the rest of the season.

Tony Romo and his fascinating first two weeks are a topic of conversation. From his Week 1 meltdown to his Week 2 one-lung heroics, the question is: Would you want Tony Romo as the starting quarterback for your team?

Also a topic of conversation is the Giants and their fake injuries, and the threat it poses to the game.

As always, there's the picks segment, and these are the games on the menu this week:

New England Patriots -9 @ Buffalo Bills
Houston Texans +4.5 @ New Orleans Saints
Atlanta Falcons (pick) @ Tampa Bay Bucs
Pittsburgh Steelers -11.5 @ Indianapolis Colts
Green Bay Packers -4.5 @ Chicago Bears

Current standings:
Danks: 6-5
MJD: 3-7

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On The Corner - 09.22.2011

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