On The Corner, Podcast #9: Detroit and Thanksgiving, Iverson as their best QB option, and all about the Welker hit

This week On The Corner, Danks and I go old school and take it back to the days before we had guests. We start things off by talking about taking Thanksgiving away from Detroit, and whether or not that's the right thing to do. That turns into a discussion about the possibility that Allen Iverson is the best quarterback currently living in the city of Detroit.

From there, we go to the Ryan Clark hit on Wes Welker, and the shocking news that it wouldn't be drawing a fine. If Welker didn't take it like a champ and get up immediately, might things have been different?

Then we tag-team the mailbag, including questions about fans' moral responsibility to feel bad for injured players, Norv Turner's face, and the limited future of Wade Phillips. In the Picks segment, we turn out attention to this week's contests between Kansas City @ Denver, and Dallas @ Pittsburgh contests.

If you've got questions for next week's mailbag, the number is (304) 933-4488. Ask away.

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