Continuing with today's 'slur' theme, here's one shot at Terrell Owens

Warning: Before you click play, know that you'll hear a popular racial slur in here that starts with 'N'.

I'm not going to call the FCC like the video asks me to, mainly because ... well, mostly, because I'm lazy. Also the video is also a month old, and I don't know what good a call from me would do. What am I going to do, inconvenience two of the 82 bazillion people in America who have said or thought the same thing?

I don't believe anyone let that through on purpose, either. I don't believe anyone would say to themselves, "I so badly want to the world to hear this illiterate moron say the n-word that I'm willing to risk losing my job and massive FCC fines for the cause."

I don't know what show this was on, but it looks like the kind of show that was being watched by about four insomniacs and Halen88. I'm guessing the guy or gal in charge of screening things just fell asleep.

• Fox Let TO Get Called The N Word / Deuce of Davenport