Come on, NFL GMs. The strippers of your town deserve this

The Nashville City Paper is reporting that the Titans have given Pacman Jones permission to seek a trade. It's weird. It's almost like the Titans think Pacman's done something wrong.

A league source from one team Jones’ representatives approached at the NFL Combine last weekend confirmed that they had been asked about their interest level in acquiring the cornerback. That team, however, currently has no interest in pursuing Jones.

The level of interest from any other teams that might be interested in Jones is not known at this time. But by granting the request, it signals that Jones’ days with the Titans are likely over.

I personally can't wait to see who's going to bite the bullet and take a chance on Pacman. It's going to have to be a team with a lot of courage, confidence in their team's leadership, and a willingness to help the local erotic dancing economy.

Most of the time, in a situation like this, the Raiders would be an obvious choice, but they appear to be set at the cornerback position.

But someone's going to do it, because Pacman, I'm sorry to say, is that good, and for all the lip service that teams give to "character," GMs still have a soft spot for guys with off-the-charts talent. And with the increased emphasis on the passing game today, everyone needs corners.

The Texans, Saints, Lions, and Jaguars come to mind immediately as teams that could use a shutdown corner. But you know who else stands out as a possibility?

New England. Asante Samuel's as good as gone, and they'll have a definite need at corner. They've shown that they're willing to roll the dice on a talented but troubled guy, and it worked out for them with Randy Moss. Might they gamble again?

(Big thanks: Pro Football Talk)

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