From the combine: Bears head coach Marc Trestman excited to work with Jay Cutler

Brian McIntyre
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INDIANAPOLIS -- Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has drawn criticisms throughout his career for his body language, but that won't be an issue with first-year head coach Marc Trestman.

"Everybody has an opinion on that," Trestman said of Cutler's occasionally poor demeanor. "I’m excited to coach Jay. I’ve had a couple of opportunities to talk with him on multiple levels and excited to work with him in all facets of his game. I really am. He’s an extremely bright guy. He loves football. He’s got a great skill set. So we’ve got to work hard to provide him the resources he can to maximize his ability and that goes into everything we’re doing in all three phases with personnel department and with our coaching staff."

Trestman added that the Bears have not have any discussions about extending Cutler's contract, which expires after the 2013 season. Trestman also discussed linebacker Brian Urlacher's future with the Bears.

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"That’s an ongoing process. We evaluated our entire football team as much as we can without seeing him work, without having some formal time with him on the field," Trestman said of Urlacher, who is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent on March 12. "As we move forward through the process, through the process and the Spring, things are going to be resolved. But right now between (general manager) Phil (Emery), the personnel department and myself and the coaching department, we continue to talk about these things and process the information.

"But at this time we’re not going to go any further than that in our discussions."

In addition to his previous duties as head coach of the Montreal Alouettes, Trestman has helped several college quarterbacks prepare for the NFL draft. One of the players Trestman tutored was current New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, who is expected to be available in a trade or as a free agent at some point this offseason. With Jason Campbell and Josh McCown free agents, the Bears could use a backup quarterback.

While Trestman cannot discuss a player under contract with another team, he was asked about Tebow's progress as a professional. Trestman smartly used a "Sorry, I've been out of the country" tactic to avoid the topic.

"It’s been far too long removed for me to comment on what’s taken place. I’ve been focused on the CFL," said Trestman. "I had a great opportunity to spend some time with Tim and work with him at the time just out of college. I’ve really been away from it from a standpoint of even commenting what he’s been through and where he is at the present time."

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