From the combine: Andy Reid gets a hug from his old Eagles buddy, talks about the future in Kansas City (Video)

INDIANAPOLIS -- it was the first time in Andy Reid's 14-year career as a head coach that he spoke to the media at the scouting combine, and his podium session on Thursday started off with an interesting and emotional moment -- as current Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman left the podium from his own media session, he saw the coach he helped fire, shouted, "Andy!," and the two men shared an embrace.

From there, Reid's thoughts were mostly about the future.

"I am fired up to be here," Reid said of his new home in the Midwest. "I haven't been able to talk with you guys much, we're getting everything moved in, in Kansas City, and getting settled down a little bit. I am looking forward to this whole process that we are going through here with the combine and all the personnel decisions that need to be made in the next few months here. [New Chiefs general manager] John Dorsey and I have had the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time together here over the last few weeks and he's had the opportunity to also have the scouts in here for a couple weeks and me with them. The process is in full movement ahead, and we'll see how things work out as time goes on."

Reid then talked about a quarterback situation in Kansas City that has many people wondering of the Chiefs will try to trade for current Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, or take West Virginia's Geno Smith with the first overall pick, which Reid owns for the first time in his coaching career. Between Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn, there isn't much to see based on the 2012 Chiefs' game tape.

"He's not available," Reid said of Foles, giving the same standard answer any coach or GM gives when asked about specific players who are not on the open market. You just had Howie up here, so I think you know that. I'm glad you asked the question. I miss that. Listen, Nick is the property of the Philadelphia Eagles, and I think they like him. I've had the opportunity to go through and look at the quarterbacks. I think that Scott Pioli did a good job of bringing guys in to give us an opportunity to win games with some of the guys that are there. Again, we are going to go through the whole process of looking at the college kids that are here, free agency and any trade possibilities that come up."

After a very rough final year in Philly, Reid certainly looked regenerated and ready to roll with the challenge of coaching a new team.

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