Colts owner Jim Irsay gives every player on his team an Xbox One for Christmas

Anwar S Richardson

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay plays the role of Scrooge on Twitter at times, but he was Santa Claus on Friday.

Irsay recently gave his players a hard time, but instead of leaving coal in everybody’s locker (Trent Richardson deserves at least 50 pieces), the owner rewarded each person on his naughty and nice list.

Every Colts player found an Xbox One in their locker on Friday, compliments of Irsay, according to Xbox Ones have been impossible to find this holiday season, but being rich is a good way to open closed doors.

Here are a few pictures from the happy recipients:

Irsay traditionally gives his players Christmas gifts, which is not the norm among NFL owners. When you are signing six-figure and seven-figure checks, a Christmas bonus might seem like overkill.

Hopefully, Colts players do not storm local stores to purchase Irsay a last-minute gift, like those lovely cologne sets that smell like bug spray.

Irsay would probably enjoy wins in the postseason as repayment.

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