Colts' Garcon, Francisco make ridiculous catches vs. Redskins

Peyton Manning(notes) may be one of the two or three greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, but that doesn't mean the Colts' all-timer doesn't get the occasional bit of help from his receivers. And in an overall sense, the Colts may be the best team in the NFL at adding unheralded defensive talent to their roster and making it work in a big way.

Exhibit A: This unbelievable catch made by Pierre Garcon(notes) on "Sunday Night Football" against the Washington Redskins:

That's just amazing. The play came on second-and-10 from the Indy 45-yard line, gained 21 yards, and the Colts managed a field goal at the end of the drive to go up 17-7 late in the first half. Garcon had a little trouble with some easier catches earlier in the game, but he made up for all of it with that one.

Exhibit B: The Aaron Francisco(notes) interception of a Donovan McNabb(notes) pass that ended Washington's final drive with 24 seconds left in the game.

If I didn't know better, I'd say that Francisco, whom the Colts added to their roster in early October to replace Melvin Bullitt(notes) at strong safety, was trying to create his own interpretive version of Garcon's earlier catch. Francisco's play was even more important, because it ended any chance the Redskins had of making the final score of 27-24 even more interesting.

That's how the Colts went to 4-2 -- with two amazing plays. And Washington's defensive backs, who flat-out dropped three potential Manning picks, were left to wonder how the Colts make this whole "catching the ball" idea look so easy.

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