Colts fall to 0-12, put crazy weatherman in his wife’s panties

With constant access to detailed weather information now freely available at the fingertips of just about everyone, I sometimes wonder why the local weatherman is still necessary.

And then I see something like this from AccuWeather weatherman Jim Kosek, from Sunday morning before the Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots game on Sunday (thanks to NFL Fantasy Live; the Colts/Patriots bit comes at the 2:09 mark).

The Colts, of course, were huge, huge underdogs to the Patriots and had virtually no chance to win. This makes me think that Jim Kosek either doesn't follow football, or is just a guy who really wanted to wear women's panties (no judgment).

By the way, this is like the 129th-craziest thing weatherman Jim Kosek has ever done. For those of you who get to see Jim Kosek doing your local news, enjoy your weather being delivered by a man who will be either very uncomfortable, or more comfortable than he ever imagined he could be.

Gracias, Sports Grid.

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