Colin Kaepernick sticks to his Super Bowl plan at media day by saying practically nothing

Now we know that Colin Kaepernick's pizza delivery to the media last week was apologizing in advance.

The 49ers quarterback wasn't planning to be the life of the party at media day.

We can't bash the strategy, because creating waves before the Super Bowl probably isn't smart. Yahoo! Sports' Dan Wetzel wrote that Kaepernick apparently wanted to say as little as possible this week, and he surely stuck to that plan on media day.

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NFL Network cut to Kaepernick at the podium, and here is every answer, in entirety, he gave before the network (thankfully) cut away.

Most questions weren't audible, but not sure the questions even mattered based on the (non) answers:

"I mean, we have a similar style of play. We both can run, we both can throw."

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"It makes them play honest."


"It’s a little bit weird to me."

"Not quite."


"Yeah. I was. I just like football more."

"What song? Whatever’s next on my iPod."

"My dream was to play in the NFL. I wouldn’t say my dream has come true yet. There’s still a lot of work to do."

"I have two Psalms on me. Psalm 18:39 and Psalm 27:3. Psalm 18:39 is probably my favorite: 'You armed me with strength for battle, you made my adversaries bow at my feet.'

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Aaaaaand that's it. Not exactly going to fill up a notebook (Kaepernick was a little more expansive when Deion Sanders intercepted him for an interview before he hit the podium, and the video is above), and here was some of the response:

That seems to be the plan.

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