Colin Kaepernick posts a picture wearing a 49ers hat, are you happy now?

Hopefully, Colin Kaepernick's latest photo puts to an end the scandal that shocked the world and showed that we really, really need training camp to get here already.

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The San Francisco 49ers quarterback wore a Miami Dolphins hat last week, and this grew to be a big deal for some reason. I answered more angry emails about Kaepernick's headgear than I did the week Aaron Hernandez was charged with murder (yes, it's apples and oranges and not many people were taking opposing views on Hernandez, but you get my point). The story has lived on through the start of this week.

Well, now Kaepernick is on Instagram showing off his 49ers hat, which is hopefully a tongue-in-cheek reply to all the silliness over the last hat he was shown wearing.

The caption of Kaepernick's post is, "It's just swag it ain't never hurt nobody! #GoldenStateofMind."

But wait, aren't those some retro Air Jordan 4s he's wearing in the photos? Didn't Michael Jordan play in Chicago??? Isn't Kaepernick selling out the entire Bay Area by not wearing some Golden State-related shoes???? WHO WILL THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!?!?!?

We're kidding folks, we never want to hear about Kaepernick's fashion choices again. The man can wear what he wants.

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