Colin Kaepernick orders 15 pizzas, has them sent to 49ers’ media

San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick has just seven career starts, not nearly enough time in the spotlight yet to treat the media as the enemy (though, in fairness, Jay Cutler had that down looooong before start No. 7).

As such, Kaepernick is still capable of nice gestures, such as Thursday when he (and his agency, XAM Sports) ordered 15 pizzas and had them delivered to the 49ers' media.

The pizza, as Kawakami of the Mercury News reports, was from Pizza My Heart. He called it a "unique thing," and yes, I can't remember a NFL quarterback feeding the team's media before. No media has reported any violent reaction to the pie, so it's safe to assume it wasn't a sabotage by Kaepernick either.

Real man of the people, this Kaepernick.

Considering one of Kaepernick's first few big experiences with the NFL media was a horrible article complaining about his tattoos, it's nice to know he isn't jaded. This does put a lot of heat on Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco to one-up Kaepernick this week and hire a chef to cook steaks for the reporters covering the Ravens, however. And Broncos quarterback/Papa John's Pizza king Peyton Manning scoffs at Kaepernick's offer of 15 measly pizzas. All jokes aside, it's a very classy move by Kaepernick, who has a ton on his mind these days leading up to the biggest game of his career.

And if Kaepernick has a terrible Super Bowl and still wins the MVP award, expect every Super Bowl quarterback from now on to have the local pizza chain's number on speed dial.