Colin Kaepernick draws the 49ers closer with longest TD run by a QB in Super Bowl history

Colin Kaepernick didn't start Super Bowl XLVII very fast, but in the second half he heated up and got the 49ers back in the game.

His 15-yard touchdown run, the longest by a quarterback in Super Bowl history, showed how special of a playmaker the San Francisco 49ers quarterback is.

After dropping back for a pass play, Kaepernick saw the left side of the field was wide open. So he quickly tucked the ball and ran around left end, got into the open field and sped into the end zone before the Ravens could react. His speed on the play was spectacular, but not surprising because Kaepernick has been running like that since he was installed as San Francisco's starter. The run cut Baltimore's lead, which was once 28-6, to just 31-29.

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The two-point conversion was a problem though. With the Ravens sending a blitz, Kaepernick hurried a throw to Randy Moss. The throw fell harmlessly incomplete, and the Ravens maintained the lead midway through the fourth quarter.

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