Coaches Heat Index – Surprisingly, Rex Ryan doesn’t have the hottest seat anymore

Anwar S Richardson
Shutdown Corner

We know at the end of the year, some coaches will be fired. Last year, eight coaches were fired after the season. Our job through the season will be to figure out which ones are on the hottest seat every week.

Sure, it would be easy to pick on Jets coach Rex Ryan every week, but there are other guys in his fraternity facing do-or-die seasons. Once you get past the obvious suspects, certain coaches will emerge out of the blue and be on the chopping block despite having a winning record – just ask Lovie Smith.

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Every Tuesday we'll look at which coaches are in danger, and here are the coaches to keep an eye on after Week 1:

1. Ron Rivera, Carolina
Sure, Carolina lost a close game against Seattle, but the lack of offensive talent is bad news for his future. Cam Newton has only 125 passing yards? That is unacceptable.

2. Rex Ryan, New York Jets
Even though the Jets won, that does not mean Ryan is out of danger. Right now, he is getting Geno Smith prepared for his successor.

3. Jason Garrett, Dallas
It took six turnovers for Dallas to defeat the New York Giants by five points. The win was more monumental for defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin and defensive line coach Rod Marinelli than Garrett.


Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh
After a loss to the Tennessee Titans, and mounting injuries, Tomlin might be headed for a long season. Tomlin's previous Super Bowl win is nice, but Steelers fans might start to get a little restless. The bar is high in Pittsburgh.


Jim Schwartz, Detroit
Detroit's offense was on fire, and Schwartz's defense eventually figured out Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. His team appears better than the 2012 version. That's good news for his job security, considering he had a 22-42 record coming into this season.

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