Coaches Heat Index – Greg Schiano is sinking his ship in Tampa Bay

Anwar S Richardson
Shutdown Corner

Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano continues to stay in the hot seat as he proceeds to mishandle his obvious dislike of quarterback Josh Freeman.

It began when Schiano drafted quarterback Mike Glennon this past offseason, and continued through his many denials that Freeman would lose his job. Schiano’s mishandling of the situation continued when he admitted to reporters Freeman had missed a team photo and other events. Then instead of actually coaching up Freeman, Schiano decided to start Glennon against the Arizona Cardinals. The comedy show continued when Schiano banished Freeman from the sidelines this past weekend and said both parties agreed, but that was refuted by the quarterback’s agent.

As if that was not enough, Freeman was forced to clarify why he is in the league's substance-abuse program. Considering only a few people know that information, it appeared liked another attempt to smear Freeman’s reputation.

Oh, and Schiano’s inability to win three close games this year does not help.

Greg Schiano, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Outside of Freeman, Schiano’s team is 0-4 and probably will not make the postseason with Glennon under center. Schiano has one win in Tampa Bay’s last 10 games, and the hiring of Schiano looks worse than the decision not to provide former coach Raheem Morris with enough talent to win.

Tom Coughlin, New York Giants
If the Philadelphia Eagles defeat the New York Giants this weekend, Justin Tuck may have to punch a lot of teammates who may turn against Coughlin. Safety Antrel Rolle may believe New York can win 12 straight, but Coughlin needs one win to cool down this hot seat.

Ron Rivera, Carolina Panthers
Absence does make the heart grow founder, but a bye week does not erase Rivera’s track record. He remains in the hot seat until he proves otherwise.

Mike Smith, Atlanta Falcons
Many NFL observers believed Atlanta could contend for a Super Bowl title, but the Falcons are currently 1-3 and struggling to keep pace with the New Orleans Saints (4-0). Injuries have hurt Atlanta, but Smith has a 1-4 playoff record, and at some point being “good” is just not enough.

Jim Schwartz, Detroit Lions

Schwartz’s hot seat is freezing right about now. After managing only four wins last season, Detroit leads the NFC North. Barring an epic collapse, Schwartz is close to solidifying his coaching future in Detroit.

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