Club owner: Dallas will need 10,000 more strippers for Super Bowl

A Dallas strip club owner says the city will need to import 10,000 new dancers to handle the rush for Super Bowl week.

John Walsh, who owns a club in Dallas that I'm not going to name because then he'll have been successful in his blatant attempt at self-promotion, told TMZ that the city's 60 gentlemen's clubs will need the additional workforce to handle the influx of visitors in town for next Sunday's game. I'm not buying it, for three reasons:

1. Didn't Dallas host the NBA All-Star game last year? If the city made due with its homegrown talent for that event, surely it can handle the Super Bowl.

2. Of all fanbases, I'd say the Packers and Steelers would be among the least likely to target strip clubs.

3. Walsh says they're expecting 300,000 people to come to Dallas for the game (and even that seems high.) Let's figure 200,000 are men. That's a 20:1 ratio of dudes to dancers. I don't even think Charlie Sheen's house can boast those sorts of numbers.

So, yeah, 10,000 seems like a stretch. I'd have bought it if Antonio Cromartie(notes) and the Jets were coming to town, but not now. That doesn't mean I'm not going around and quoting this figure for the next week, though. If it was in TMZ, it's gotta be true.

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