Clinton Portis lays out Eugene Wilson on downfield block

An aging Clinton Portis(notes) isn't going to out-run many safeties in the NFL these days, but the Washington Redskins running back isn't going to be out-hustled by many either.

In the first-half of Sunday's overtime loss to the Houston Texans, Portis threw a crippling downfield block on safety Eugene Wilson(notes) during a 62-yard pass play that resulted in a Redskins touchdown. Portis made the hit nearly 40 yards from the line of scrimmage:

Jacked. Up.

After the game, Portis (who was wearing a tuxedo shirt and sunglasses and carrying a backpack) was asked about his block:

"Just hustling, trying to be a part of the game. I seen the play developing and I had a flat route, and I thought [that] Fred had a wheel route. And when I looked up I seen him running down field and I was like, 'I got to get down here, I think this play could be a big play.' And Fred was [asking] where did I come from. It was just hustling, trying to get [him] in the end zone, because I know points are hard to come by. So if you can spring anybody to get a touchdown, I'm trying."

Yes he is. Though Portis has struggled this season to pound out yards in the 'Skins anemic running game, the nine-year veteran is still throwing his body around at every opportunity to protect Donovan McNabb(notes) and his Washington teammates. Next time you watch the Redskins play, pay special attention to Portis in the backfield. He looks like Rudy out there sometimes.

Despite the bruising his body takes due to the blocks, Portis relishes his role as running-back enforcer. As Dan Steinberg pointed out on the DC Sports Bog, Portis celebrated his block far more than he did either of his two touchdowns on Sunday.

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