Cleveland Browns have yet another NFL assistant coach turn down their head-coaching job

There are 32 NFL head-coaching jobs. Even the worst of the lot is very valuable. They're almost impossible to get. And almost all of them pay more than what any NFL assistant coach makes.

And the Cleveland Browns can't get anyone to be their head coach.

Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase, a 35-year-old who had never risen above position coach until this season, has told the Browns he isn't interested according to the Denver Post's Mike Klis.

The line about "concentrating on the Super Bowl" seems like a "I have to stay in and wash my hair" type excuse. The Browns are the last team that has a coaching vacancy. They would surely have waited two more weeks if Gase was their guy. But Gase would rather pass altogether. The Super Bowl excuse just softens the blow.

And now, Browns fans have every reason to feel pretty miserable.

At least three assistants have said no thanks to the Browns. Arizona defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, a respected coach who has been in the NFL for almost 20 years without getting a shot at a permanent head-coaching job, said no. Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who is from Ohio and should feel fortunate to be getting considered for a second chance after an absolute debacle in Denver, pulled out of consideration. And now Gase, with all of one year as a NFL coordinator, doesn't want it either.

Again, there are only 32 of these jobs in the world. No coach can be sure he'll ever get a shot at one. And multiple assistants have turned Cleveland down. The Browns can't exactly go into a press conference after they finally hire a coach and pretend he was their first choice, can they?

The fallout from firing Rob Chudzinksi after just one year might be much stronger than first realized. The Browns fired Chudzinski after one season despite injury issues at quarterback and trading running back Trent Richardson early in the season. They canned him without any great reason, at least none that have been revealed publicly.

This is a franchise with a good defense, some good pieces on offense (tackle Joe Thomas, receiver Josh Gordon and tight end Jordan Cameron among them), the fourth overall pick of the draft and another first-rounder thanks to the Richardson trade. Cleveland has a tremendous fan base that is desperate for a winner. It should be a fairly attractive job. And nobody seems to want it.

Last week Browns owner Jimmy Haslam told fans through an open letter to not worry. Well, worrying seems to be the proper reaction now.

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