Cleveland Browns nose tackle Phil Taylor takes exception to Adrian Peterson’s Browns-bashing tweet

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It doesn't matter if the whole world — including Adrian Peterson — thought the Cleveland Browns were tanking after they traded away Trent Richardson. Phil Taylor, the team's proud nose tackle, didn't like what Peterson said on Twitter about his team.

In case you forgot, Peterson tweeted that his daughter had some choice words for him after his Minnesota Vikings lost to the Browns on Sunday.

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Taylor then retorted.

“We knew playing against the Vikings would be a good test for us, having Adrian Peterson,” Taylor said Monday in the Browns’ locker room. “We showed what type of defense we’re about. But obviously we still don’t get the respect that we deserve, so we have to keep going out there and doing what we’ve got to do.

“He can say what he wants, but he wasn’t a factor in the game. He had less than 100 yards. The only reason they really scored, they got the ball on the 9, they got the ball on the 26, other than that, it wasn’t really a big game [for their offense].”

Indeed. It was a season-low 88 rushing yards for Peterson on 25 carries, with a 2-yard touchdown early in the game. He also lost a fumble in the third quarter.

Not sure who to take in a steel-cage match between Taylor and Peterson, assuming it comes to that. (Yes, we know it shall not. Just stay with us.) Peterson is a horse, and he has one of the strongest grips you'll ever be viced into. And Taylor is an absolute house, with raw, brute strength.

We're happy calling this one a draw, although Taylor and the Browns got the last laugh with the W on Sunday.

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