Clay Matthews says he’s an ‘awesome’ player, not a ‘dirty’ one

First Clay Matthews clotheslined Colin Kaepernick out of bounds last Sunday. Then Jim Harbaugh lashed out at Matthews, essentially calling him a dirty player and almost questioning his toughness with his "open hand" comment.

This, apparently, is where it ends. Matthews has chosen not to take it further.

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But Matthews did protest the dirty part on Thursday. After saying he was onto the next game, even yelling "next game!" to media members who pressed the Harbaugh issue, Matthews gave them a money quote.

"I'm an awesome player. I'm not a dirty player," he said.

Booyah. Straight out of a Fathead commercial. Matthews can be hit or miss with the media, but this was pretty good. He ended the subject in semi-bizarre fashion, though, which is often how interviews with Matthews can go with print reporters.

"I think my resume's pretty good right now," Matthews said. "I think we're doing alright."

The 0-1 Packers have another tough game this weekend, against the Redskins. But there is something brewing between the Packers and 49ers, with the 49ers pretty much owning them the past 12 months. You get the feeling we might see these teams face off yet again in the postseason. It's funny how things work out like that.

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