Christian Ponder’s reaction to Aaron Rodgers’ contract leads to funny exchange with his wife

NFL quarterbacks are some of the most famous people in the United States, but the married NFL quarterbacks aren't immune from daily husband duties.

ESPN reporter Samantha Ponder and Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder got married last year. Unlike most NFL wives, Samantha Ponder has more than 146,000 followers on Twitter, and she let us in on a hilarious text message exchange with her husband after he found out about rival quarterback Aaron Rodgers' massive new contract.

When she tweeted that image out, she included the hashtag #marriage. It's good to know that Christian Ponder can go from discussing his work to shopping for low, low prices while running errands for his wife in the same conversation (though between the two we highly doubt they need to go to the discount bin at Walmart for anything, even if Christian Ponder isn't making that Aaron Rodgers money).

Football stars and television sideline reporters: They're just like us!

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