Chris Kluwe to speak at 2014 atheists convention

Brian McIntyre
Shutdown Corner

Throughout his career, punter Chris Kluwe has never been shy about challenging the status quo. The most notable example of this is his vocal support for marriage equality.

Earlier this year, Kluwe feared that his outspoken nature could cost him his job with the Minnesota Vikings, who would go on to release Kluwe in May after selecting a punter in the 2013 NFL draft the previous month. Kluwe, now with the Oakland Raiders, is not letting his departure from the Vikings keep him from speaking publicly on another controversial subject.

This time, that issue is religion.

On Wednesday, the American Atheists announced that Kluwe will be a featured speaker at their 2014 convention in Salt Lake City, Utah next April. (Another featured speaker at the convention? The bass player from the Spin Doctors!)

As noted by Michael David Smith of, Kluwe is not an atheist. In fact, in his book, "Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies", he refers to himself as someone who is "cheerfully agnostic" and confused by atheists.

So why would Kluwe, a non-atheist, be an ideal speaker at an atheist convention?

There were no quotes from Kluwe in the organization's release, but as a smart, articulate, agnostic individual who works in an NFL locker room, which are predominantly Christian settings, Kluwe is uniquely qualified to speak to a group of non-theists who may also work in outwardly religious environments. Also, if Kluwe is confused by atheists, there is no better way to gain understanding than to create or engage in dialogue.

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