Chris Johnson impersonates T.O. during TD celebration in Dallas

It wasn't quite Terrell Owens(notes) running to midfield and slamming the ball on the Dallas Cowboys star, but Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson did a star-stomping celebration of his own Sunday during his team's 34-27 road victory.

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After scoring what would become the game-winning touchdown, Johnson ran to the helmet painted in the end zone at Cowboys Stadium, stood on the star and raised his arms in a clear homage to Owens' infamous touchdown celebration from 2000.

Nobody wearing stripes or in the CBS booth seemed to notice the celebration, which could have drawn a taunting penalty given the NFL's recent crackdown on fun. The Cowboys had been called for a crucial 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on their previous touchdown which ended up giving Tennessee excellent field position following the kickoff.

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