Chris Johnson, Devin Hester race a cheetah for National Geographic special

So here's one for you: Chris Johnson and Devin Hester, two of the fastest men in the NFL, are now taking on challengers in the animal world.

Johnson and Hester will challenge the cheetah in "Man vs. Cheetah," the kickoff to Big Cat Week on the Nat Geo Wild channel.

"This is most incredible challenge I’ve ever faced," Johnson said, according to The Wrap. "I wanted to go up against the fastest in the world and test myself, and this was it!” Johnson holds the speed record in the NFL at 4.2 for 40 seconds. Hester, meanwhile, has already scored three touchdowns on kickoff runbacks since you started this sentence.

"We loved the idea of a face-off like no other between supreme athletes and an alpha predator," said Geoff Daniels, executive vice president and general manager of Nat Geo Wild. "This isn’t sports, it’s amazing science. ... And we are thrilled that Johnson and Hester -- two record-setting NFL pros -- are helping to kick off this unprecedented experiment during our network’s biggest week of the year."

Chances are this will be a straight-up race, because the Titans and Bears probably wouldn't be interested in testing the cheetah's closing speed on their prized players. Indeed, judging from the picture above, it looks like there will be a very large wall between competitors.

Now, the trick here is that the players hold a bit of advantage in maneuverability and agility; straight speed wouldn't be much of a matchup, since cheetahs can accelerate from 0 to 60 in the space of three seconds. But Hester, for instance, does a four-length down-and-back race, and the cheetah apparently has some real trouble keeping up.

The special won't air until November, but we recommend signing the cheetah to your fantasy team as a bye-week backup.

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