Chris Henry puts the stiff-arm on would-be repo man

Yesterday was kind of a bad news, more bad news, then good news type of day for Chris Henry.

Bad news: He spent the whole day in court for jury selection in his upcoming trial to deal with accusations that he punched a college student and threw a bottle at his car.

More bad news: While he was inside, a tow truck was trying to repossess his Range Rover. But then ...

Good news: The owners of the parking lot wouldn't let the tow truck take Henry's wheels! WHOOOOOO! Score one for wide receiver with behavior issues! How ya like them apples, Mr. Repo Man? You can take your tow truck and stuff it. Chris Henry's driving home today, baby! Repo Man, tell me how my [naughty word] tastes!

My apologies. But when you're Chris Henry, you've got to celebrate the little things. I suppose there's even further bad news in the fact that someone's even trying to repossess his car, but why be glass-half-empty about it? Chris Henry is street legal for another day.

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