Chris Cooley hoped to get free beer in contract with Redskins

Brian McIntyre

Re-signed by the Washington Redskins earlier this week, tight end Chris Cooley took a tour of the D.C. media, where he revealed the intense nature of the team's physicals and contract negotiations, which included Cooley's failed attempt to secure some free beer.

"I've had so many people text, 'How'd the physical go?' Literally, you go into the training room, and the doctor's like 'How are you feeling, man? Good? Good. Okay, you passed.'," Cooley told "The Junkies" on 106.7 The Fan via Sarah Kogod of DC Sports Bog.

"I think it might be different if I went to another team, or somewhere where they don't know me. The doctor that did it is the doctor that did my knee surgery before. I mean, he knows me. So it's not up in the air. I'm healthy. My knees not swollen; I'm not overweight. I'm sure if I was a fat slob when I walked in there yesterday, someone would be like, 'Hey, let's run a little bit.' But I'm in good shape right now.

"Literally, I have text correspondence trying to negotiate a case of beer into my contract. They wouldn't do it. I wanted it in writing so much."

No word on what kind of beer Cooley was seeking, but the two-time Pro Bowler can afford his own beer after making $3.8 million in 2011 and a $100,000 workout bonus this offseason.

As for his current one-year deal with the Redskins, Shutdown Corner reported the details on Wednesday night. In case you missed it, according to a source with knowledge of the situation, Cooley received a $200,000 signing bonus and the prorated portion of his $825,000 ($485,294) is fully guaranteed. That barely puts a dent in the $3.8 million Cooley was scheduled to make before his previous contract was terminated on Aug. 28, but receiving that significant a guarantee is a rare feat for a veteran player with a shaky injury history who spent half the season as a street free agent.

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