Chris Cooley gets pulled over during phone interview

It's not often that you see Redksins tight end Chris Cooley busted for sloppy routes -- at least on the field -- but, apparently, his inside slants on the road need a bit of work. As the eccentric pass-catcher was talking to the Sports Junkies on Washington D.C. station 106.7 The Fan this morning, one of the local traffic officers took offense to Cooley drifting out of his lane as he was driving close to his house. So, Cooley got pulled over on the air. Click here to listen to the audio, courtesy of our good friend Dan Steinberg over at the perennially awesome D.C. Sports Bog.

Cooley was let off with a warning and came back on the air. "I don't think there's a real ticket you can give for that," Cooley said. "Nonsense driving, maybe. It was fine. Everything was fine."

Well, it depends where you live. As a Seattle resident, I can tell you that in Washington State, you'd better watch yourself when engaging in such potentially dangerous activities around here. Perhaps things aren't so stringent in the nation's capital? Not so. According to this info from the Governors Highway Safety Association, D.C. is even tougher on hand-held phone use while driving. So, it appears that Mr. Cooley got lucky with the right officer -- perhaps naming the guy on the air did the trick.

Moving to football matters, Cooley told the Sports Junkies about what people can expect from the new Mike & Kyle Shanahan offense:

"The offense is just a little more advanced from the last offense. It's still the same terminology, which is nice for me. So all the formations are called the same, a lot of the routes are called the same. It's adding extra elements to everything. We don't run the same plays out of the same formations every time. You kind of have to learn concepts of the offense, because you're doing different things all the time. Last year I ran like seven routes, total. So it's a more involved kind of moving everyone, getting everyone to know what they do type of offense."

That's all well and good, Chris, and we expect you to be heavily involved, catching all those fine passes from Donovan McNabb. But let's maybe keep a sharper eye on the road in the future? It's for the good of the team.

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