Chris Cooley has an art gallery, and somebody broke into it

Bad news for Washington Redskins tight end and overall Renaissance man Chris Cooley — a person or persons broke into his art gallery, the Cooley Gallery in Leesburg, Va., on Friday morning. Cooley told NBC Washington that a window was smashed and the gallery's register was taken. It is not believed that any art or sculptures were taken. The gallery opened in December of 2010.

The NBC report indicated that a coffee shop next to the gallery had a window broken, and no entry was made into that shop. A boutique on that same street also had a window broken.

Cooley has had an interest in art since his high school days in Wyoming, and he was an art major at Utah State. During the lockout, he worked extensively on his pottery, which he regained an interest in after he broke his ankle in the 2009 season.

"The two questions I get asked the most are, 'Do you think you can build a bomb with all those chemicals?' and 'Do you think you can burn a body in your kiln?' Which is an absolute yes," Cooley told Mike Wise of the Washington Post about the contents of the gallery.

"Within a day — which is pretty normal for how spontaneous I am — we were like, 'We're going to have an art gallery,'" Cooley said of the decision he and his wife made when they leased space last year.

"I drink a ton at every opening," Cooley told Wise. "We go to Safeway, grab some wine and beer, have live music, just have a good old time."

Cooley hasn't played in the 2011 preseason due to a knee injury, but he was on the sidelines on Thursday when the Redskins beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 29-24.

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