Chris Canty predicts Giants victory on Twitter, then deletes it

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Joe Namath would be ashamed.

New York Giants defensive end Chris Canty made a Super Bowl prediction on Sunday, boasting on his Twitter account that his team would upset the New England Patriots 28-17 in Super Bowl XLVI. It was another bold, brash move by a Giants team that hasn't been shy about its title-game intentions.

And then reCanty took it back. He deleted the Tweet a few hours later, after media began reporting the story.

Earlier this week, Canty was warning New Yorkers to plan for a victory parade on Tuesday. It's pretty standard stuff that happens during most Super Bowls, but rarely six hours before game time on a social media site.

If the New England Patriots haven't already heard about the boast, Twitter aficionado Chad Ochocinco will doubtlessly tell them.

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