Chiefs move to 5-0 for first time since 2003, might be unbeaten by time they face Broncos

Have you looked at the Kansas City Chiefs' schedule of late?

Following their see-saw 26-17 victory over the Tennessee Titans that moved the Chiefs to 5-0, heights they have not seen in a decade, their next four opponents are as follows:

• Week 6: vs. Oakland Raiders
• Week 7: vs. Houston Texans
• Week 8: vs. Cleveland Browns
• Week 9: at Buffalo Bills

Find the loss. Seriously. Yeah, the Houston Texans could play the way we expect them to play and beat the Chiefs in Kansas City. But we have not seen that Texans team through Week 4.

But the Chiefs team we have seen through five games is one that will dictate the style of play, likely outslug the opponent and force them into mistakes. Although the Titans wrested back control of the back with backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick stinging the Chiefs' defense with some wild plays, and his counterpart — Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith — had his worst game with the team to date, the defense once again came through in the clutch.

Smith made some big throws, of course, including the stunning 41-yarder from his own 1-yard line, on a key scoring drive at the end of the half that kicker Ryan Succop capped to make the score 13-0. The blown lead in the fourth quarter was a concern, especially with a backup quarterback, but the Chiefs never panicked.

It's insane to think that the team that imploded on the road a year ago at Pittsburgh in overtime is the one that is winning with poise, strength and will. They know that the offense will be efficient enough, the defense will do its job and the special teams will make a big play, two, or five — Succop had four field goals, and the Chiefs recovered a blocked punt for a touchdown.

That's a formula that should serve the Chiefs well these next four games. They can win them all. And yes, it's ridiculous, but we can wonder what a 9-0 Chiefs team at a 9-0 Broncos team can look like, with the Chiefs having a bye the week before. We're well past the thinking that the other shoe should fall for the Chiefs at any moment. This team is legit, and they know exactly what it takes to win games every time they hit the field.

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