Chester Pitts and Raheem Brock go all Jerky Boys with ‘The Commish’

It's clear that the players have too much time on their hands right now, and here's Chester Pitts and Raheem Brock of the Seattle Seahawks proving what happens to those idle hands…

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If this is where the players are left, I'd say that "irreparable harm" argument is looking better and better. In all seriousness, I've talked to both of these guys — and Pitts in particular can give you chapter and verse on player-owner battles. He's been a player rep for the Seahawks and the Houston Texans, and he's also one of the funnier guys in the league. As is Mr. Brock, as you can see.

But it's time to end the lockout and let these fine young men get back to work. This is just an opening indicator of just how out of hand things will get if they're given all that free time!

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