Check out the trailer for 'The Tillman Story'

Everyone knows the basics of Pat Tillman's story: He left a multimillion-dollar NFL contract on the table to join American military efforts in the Middle East. An upcoming documentary film, though, aims to tell much more of his story.

From Yahoo! Movies, here's the trailer for "The Tillman Story".

A limited release is set for Aug. 20. Here are a couple of snippets from Variety's review of the movie, after seeing it at the Cannes Film Festival:

No matter one's political bent, the blatant misconduct by grunts, senior officers and politicos alike is terribly disturbing.


While no senior officers – except the one scapegoated – speak in the archival clips, most of Tillman's fellow soldiers give damning testimony of the official story. Retired special-ops Stan Goff provides insight into how the U.S. military can use bureaucracy, language and evasion to bury uncomfortable truths.

I'm really looking forward to it, and I hope that Aug. 20 limited release hits a theater somewhere near me. The truth of what happened, explained by Pat Tillman's fellow soldiers, and by the Tillman family, needs to be out there. The legacy of Pat Tillman deserves at least that much.

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