Check out Jacksonville running back Jordan Todman’s inexplicable touchdown celebration at Seattle

Shutdown Corner

I'm in favor of players celebrating big plays. It's hard to score a touchdown in the NFL, or get a sack, or do anything really. I want to know the players are as excited as I am watching it.

But there's a time for it. And that time isn't when you're getting embarrassed by the other team, Jordan Todman.

Todman, the Jaguars' backup running back, rushed for a 3-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter against Seattle. And good for him. Then he decided that the proper response was to put his finger to his helmet and give the "Shhhhhh!" signal to tell the crowd to be quiet.

Seattle was up 38-10 before Todman's touchdown. Are you kidding me?

I'm not sure having the lead cut to 21 points was really all too harrowing for those Seahawks fans, who were watching their team go to 3-0 against the worst team in the NFL.

Again, I'm not going to rip a guy for letting out some emotions after he does something well on the football field. But can you make sure you're at least within three touchdowns when you do it?

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