Chasing Dickerson: Chris Johnson needs 709 yards in five games

For 25 years now, Eric Dickerson has held the NFL's single-season rushing record with the 2,105 rushing yards he racked up in 1984. That record is now in some danger.

Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson, with five games to go, has the legendary record in his sights. Here's where we stand at the moment:

The green bar in the middle represents the ideal pace you'd like to be at by Week 11 if you're going to hit 2,105. As you can see, Johnson's a tiny bit off that pace right now, but it's nothing he can't make up.

It's doable. More doable than you think, even.

Johnson has averaged 126.9 yards per game on the year, and he'll need to average 141.8 over the last five if he's going to catch Dickerson. The news is better than it appears, though.

In the six games started by Kerry Collins(notes), Johnson averaged 99.3 yards per game. In the five games since Vince Young(notes) has taken over, he's averaged 160 yards per game. So he doesn't even have to get better to take down Dickerson's record. He's just gotta keep on keepin' on.

If you're wondering about the rushing defenses he'll face, they're nothing staggering. He's got the 15th, 28th, 12th, 21st and 18th ranked rushing defenses left on his schedule, giving up an average of 118.8 yards a game. The last five defenses he faced gave up an average of 119.

And if it does happen, it will happen way more impressively. Dickerson got 23.7 carries per game. Right now, Johnson is getting 19.7.

Things set up pretty well for Johnson, so Dickerson, you might want to start thinking about clearing your schedule on January 3rd so you can attend Chris Johnson's record-breaking ceremony. Don't worry, though. Your status as the most awkward sideline reporter of all-time will always remain safe.

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