Chargers look at Notre Dame game film to prepare for Chiefs

The Chiefs head into 2010 with brand new coordinators on both sides of the ball -- Charlie Weis on offense and Romeo Crennel on defense.

It presents an interesting problem for the their opening-week opponent, the San Diego Chargers. What kind of game film are they supposed to watch if the Chiefs will have daisy-fresh schemes on both offense and defense?

Well, what happens is that they end up watching Notre Dame game film. From Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune:

[T]he Chargers watched myriad game film during the spring as early preparation for their Sept. 13 season opener.

“You look at Cleveland and Notre Dame, and you look at New England when Charlie was in New England,” Turner said.

Wow. Poor Norv is relegated to Notre Dame game film. Not only is its relevance to the pro game questionable, but if he goes back as far as 2007 ... it might send him into a deep depression, too.

I don't know if this is common practice among coaches who have to scout teams with coaches who last worked at the college level. My guess is that it won't make a great deal of difference in terms of how the Chargers will prepare. Charlie Weis is a known quantity in the NFL, and besides: It's Week One. Everyone's sort of in the same boat, in terms of not knowing exactly what they should prepare for. Every coach will be doing something differently than they did the year before, no matter where they were working. Personnel is different, the strategy is adapted to that personnel, and NFL coaches are always very aware of avoiding predictability.

The Chargers and Chiefs play in the late game on Monday night of opening weekend.