Chargers guard suffered seizure on team plane

Maggie Hendricks
Shutdown Corner

San Diego guard Kris Dielman suffered a scary experience on Sunday night as the team flew home from its loss to the Jets. According to AP, he suffered a grand mal seizure on the plane after sustaining a concussion during the game.

Dielman's injury came in the fourth quarter; he was obviously staggered but continued to play. The Chargers have been hard hit by injuries, and they were out of offensive linemen. San Diego's injury report says that Dielman is likely out for two weeks because of the concussion.

Seizures happen when there is abnormal electric activity in the brain, and can be caused by brain injuries. Grand mal seizures involve a loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions.

Dielman missed a game due to a concussion last season. Repeated concussions have been proven to have dire consequences on an athlete's long-term health and are considered a culprit in the chronic traumatic encephalopathy that has stricken such former NFL players as Chris Henry and Dave Duerson.

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The NFL tightened its concussion protocol in 2009. Players should not be allowed back in games after suffering obvious concussive symptoms, but Dielman was not pulled from the game. Neurologists would have a hard time proving that the seizure was from staying in the game, but it's hard to consider the timing a coincidence.

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