Champ Bailey stands behind Von Miller: ‘I’d be surprised if he got suspended’

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – As we know from Aaron Rodgers recently, standing up for a friend who might be suspended because of a drug violation isn't always the right play.

Denver Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey didn't offer to pay a fan his entire salary if teammate Von Miller does get suspended four games, like Rodgers did when he stuck up for Ryan Braun, but he believes in his teammate and fully supported him.

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"I'm saying I just know he wouldn't jeopardize his career," Bailey said. "I'd be surprised if he got suspended four games. It's just surprising to me. I just know that he loves football and he shows it in the way he prepares and the way he works. That's what I know of the guy."

Bailey had some strong comments on a day that Miller himself and coach John Fox refused to say much of anything. Miller is appealing a possible four-game suspension for reportedly violating the NFL's drug policy.

"It will take its course," Bailey said. "But I stand behind my guy 100 percent."

Bailey said he has had great conversations with Miller during their two years as teammates, and talked again after reports of Miller's suspension came out. There are reports that Miller has previously tested positive for marijuana. Bailey said he knows Miller well and refuses to believe any of it is true.

"One thing I know about Von is he's not going to jeopardize what he does on that field," Bailey said. "He's 100 percent football player. I know he cares about it and loves it to death, so he's not going to jeopardize his career for something stupid."

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