Chad Ochocinco invites grieving widow to his July 4 wedding

A woman named Cheryl took to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, hurting over the recent loss of her husband of 30 years. She asked a fellow Twitter junkie, Chad Ochocinco, for his prayers.

Now, Chad's getting married on Wednesday, July 4. Asking for the time to pray is a big enough request for a guy with that much on his plate right now. What Chad did next, though, is mind-blowingly sweet and kind.

Here's the conversation that followed. If it doesn't give you at least a mild case of the warm and fuzzies, your warm and fuzzy mechanism is broken.

Chad. You are our hero.

What a kind thing for Chad and Evelyn to do for a total stranger. Heart of gold on that guy. I hope Cheryl's gloom is lifted, I hope Chad feels good about his act of kindness, and I hope it's the happiest wedding ceremony since Andy and April tied the knot on "Parks and Recreation." Have a blast, everybody.

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