Chad Ocho Cinco is suspended tonight for not sitting up straight

Here's the story from Jay Glazer of on why we won't be seeing Chad Ocho Cinco on the field this evening against the Steelers:

A few local reports have surfaced that alleged that the receiver overslept and arrived late for a team meeting Wednesday night at the Bengals practice facility. Late or not, sources confirmed Ocho Cinco was extremely groggy. After taking his seat, Bengals offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski told Ocho Cinco to sit up straight in his seat. After the receiver refused, Bratkowski again repeated his demand.

At that point, Ocho Cinco stood up and walked out of the meeting altogether. After shouting at his player to return, Lewis chased him down. After several heated words were exchanged between the two, Lewis finally told Johnson to go home.

When you hear about someone being punished for refusing to sit up straight in their chair, you're thinking what ... five, six years old?

Seriously. We're dealing with a story here about a grown man getting punished because he wouldn't sit up straight. What's going to happen next week, a one-game suspension because Chad refused to eat his vegetables? Two games for not cleaning his room? A $10,000 fine not sharing his toys?

And I don't even know if the sheer immaturity is the most shocking thing about the situation. I think I might be more surprised that Marvin Lewis finally stood up to him and sent him home.

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