CFL receiver still has World Cup Fever

The World Cup may have concluded in early July, but Hamilton Tiger-Cats receiver Dave Stala still has the fever, as evidenced by his touchdown celebration during the Ti-Cats' 37-21 loss to the Saskatchewan Roughriders on July 31:

Stala came through as the middle receiver of three in the Canadian version of a trips right (no, they're not doing anything against the rules there; CFL receivers are allowed to start their patterns pre-play from behind the line of scrimmage), beat cornerback Chris McKenzie(notes), got the touchdown from quarterback Kevin Glenn, and then, the unique celebration.

[Video: Check out this elaborate soccer goal celebration]

Nice burn from the announcer, too: "The French soccer team could have used him," speaking of France's oft-quitting, oft-whining, oft-losing national squad.

Stala, who is in his eighth year with the CFL and has lost almost two full seasons to injuries, is a team mentor and runs a series of football skills development camps for young fans. I don't know whether touchdown celebrations are part of the curriculum, but they should be.


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