CFL fan using a wheelchair rolls onto the field

Here in America, we have a certain way of handling things when a fan bursts onto the field of play. Either security or an actual player will tackle/clothesline/assault the unruly fan, we'll all have a good laugh, then go on with the game.

But what happens if you try it in Canada? And the fan is a gentleman using a wheelchair? Let's see.

Oh. You get politely wheeled away, and all the pretty cheerleaders smile at you.

I'm not sure how I feel about that. If you can elude security and get onto a field of play (let alone while doing it in a wheelchair), I think you've earned the right to get tackled by someone.

You've also earned some attention from police, and possibly a fine or a small amount of jail time, sure. But you've also earned a story, and that story isn't complete without a climax like, "And then (insert name of fierce Canadian linebacker here) came out of nowhere and drilled me, breaking three of my ribs and destroying my wheelchair. It was awesome."

You need to rectify this, Canada. Get that guy back out there, and have someone blast him. He deserves it, just like anyone else.

Gracias, Deadspin, via Orlando Kurtenblog.

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