Celebrities side with New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI predictions

Chris Chase
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With Sunday's game between the New York Giants and New England Patriots approaching, Scripps Howard released the results of its annual Super Bowl Celebrity Pool.

Many of the entrants stayed true to their hometown teams. (John McEnroe and Rudy Giuliani sided with the Giants, while John Kerry went for New England.) Some gave personal reasons for their picks. (Arnold Schwarzenegger said he's picking New England because Tom Brady is his neighbor. Dale Earnhardt Jr. couldn't get over his Washington Redskins beating New York twice this season, so he went with New England.) And others, like Barry Williams, who played Greg Brady on "The Brady Bunch," went with family ties.

A sampling of Scripps Howard picks, as well as some others that have made news recently, are below:

Picked the New York Giants

Arnold Palmer, golf legend, 28-17

Maya Angelou, poet, 20-7

John McEnroe, tennis legend, 24-21

Haley Joel Osmont, actor, 34-31

Joan Jett, singer/rock & roll lover, 38-35

Rudy Giuliani, former New York mayor, 30-20

Bill O'Reilly, TV host, 27-24

Keith Olbermann, TV host, 27-17

Octavia Spencer, Academy Award nominee, 27-24

Yogi Berra, Yankees Hall of Famer, 23-20

Mark Cuban, NBA owner, 38-31

Dick Vitale, college basketball analyst, 27-21

Michael K. Williams, Omar, no score given

Bob Weir, Grateful Dead guitarist, 35-31

Hulk Hogan, wrestling legend, 24-17

Picked the New England Patriots

Arnold Schwarzenegger, governor/actor/Terminator, 31-24

Chuck Yeager, flight hero, 31-27

Dale Earnhardt Jr., NASCAR driver, no score given

Don Rickles, comedian, 28-14

Abby Wombach, soccer star, 27-17

John Kerry, Massachusetts senator, 31-24

Paul Pierce, Celtics forward, 35-17

Barry Williams, eldest "Brady Bunch" son, 31-17

Lindsey Vonn, Olympic gold medalist, 23-20

Vanilla Ice, dope melody player, 31-21

Jack Nicklaus, golf legend, 31-28

Andy Williams, Nelson Muntz's favorite singer, 13-10

Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Olympic legend, 20-17

Laura Kaeppeler, Miss America/Aaron Rodgers fan, no score given

Didn't pick game

Brad Pitt, Academy Award nominee, "Ooh, that's a tough one."

Barack Obama, president of the United States, "I can't call it."

Serena Williams, tennis star, "I root for the little brother."

Joel McHale, actor, "Broncos by 7. Even though they're not in the game, Denver will show up unannounced and beat both teams at once."

Many thanks to the Scripps Howard Celebrity Super Bowl Pool.

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