Cedrick Wilson likes 'em crazy

I hope Steelers wide receiver Cedrick Wilson wasn't planning on enjoying the Conference Championship games in his peaceful, cozy home, alongside his sane, reasonable girlfriend ... that would've been difficult, seeing as his house was shot up, and his ape-doodoo insane girlfriend was in police custody.

Lindsey Paulat, 26 years old and Cedrick's favorite wide receiver, had an argument with her boyfriend sometime on Saturday morning. Cedrick left the house shortly thereafter, and police were called to the home at about 1 p.m. after the young woman fired a couple of rounds into the walls of the house. The police evacuated about 70 neighbors until 12 hours later, when Miss Paulat gave up her gun and police gave her a free ride in the car with the pretty blue lights.

Ah, crazy kids in love. I've always said that communication is the cornerstone of any solid relationship ... even if that communication has to be forced at gunpoint, and 70 neighbors evacuated in the process. At least Ced's lady was trying. I say she's a keeper.

Local news video of the incident can be found here.

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