CBS pregame poll asks which QB is elitist; they meant elite

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

"The NFL Today" crew was discussing a group of second-tier NFL quarterbacks during Sunday's show and ran a poll question to discuss which of them was the best. Only, instead of asking who was the most elite quarterback, the poll asked "Which of the following QBs do you think is 'elitist?'" As in, a person who thinks society should be dominated by the elite.

The amusing find was made by @JohnNess:

The poll results work either way. Of those four, Manning is definitely the "elitist." Can't you see him drinking tea with one pinky in the air, affecting a Connecticut accent whenever he summers in Montauk and complaining about how he has to walk an extra mile to the bank because those hippies at the Occupy Wall Street protest block his usual route?

By the way, what's with Dan Marino and Boomer Esiason's faces? Dan looks like he's auditioning to be the next Joker in the Batman movies. Esiason is smiling like 60 percent of children do in their first-grade class picture. Don't let the elitists see those goofy faces or else Dan and Boomer will be the first to go when the 1 percent gains control.

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