Carolina Panthers wants fans’ help in ending winless coin-flip streak

Maggie Hendricks
Shutdown Corner

The Carolina Panthers have lost eight of their games this season, but there isn't much their fans can do to change that record. But the Panthers are hoping the fans can help with another losing record -- the team is 0-12 in coin flips.

In 11 pregame and one overtime coin flips, the Panthers haven't made the right call once. To change their luck, they want their fans' help. The Panthers posted this question on their Facebook page:

The Carolina Panthers are an astonishing 0-for-12 on coin tosses this season, so we want you - the fans - to call heads or tails for Sunday's game vs. the Kansas City Chiefs.

A poll is also posted on the Facebook page. As of this writing, the voting is deadlocked between heads and tails.

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Winning the coin flip does more than give the winning team the decision on taking the ball or choosing an end zone. A 2011 study found the coin-flip winner won the game 52 percent of the time during the regular season.

The Panthers will play the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, so devious-minded Kansas Citians could take to the poll to push the coin flip one way or another.

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